Aligned Transformation

with Jo McCoy


One-to-One support includes tailored approaches for the client that can include:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) approaches
    • Supports removal of subconscious blocks
    • Can removes phobias e.g. Fear of flying, Spiders, Giving birth
    • Can remove underlying emotional issues associated with pain
    • Tap in new courageous directions
  • Yogic life philosophy
    • See life from a different perspective, a wider perspective
  • Gong Relaxations or “Gong Baths”
  • Kundalini Yoga sets
  • Meditations
  • Mantras
  • Yoga Nidra “Yogic Sleep”
  • What I love about life – deep dive

Jo McCoy – Aligned Transformation Programme

  • This is a deeply involved programme of perspective change, embedding new personalised rituals and re-alignment work.  It involves a bespoke set of Jo’s services to create the shift required.  This often involves clearing space to hear our own intuition and then to courageously imprint in these more aligned directions.  This is designed for clients who are ready to leap into a better life, aligned to who they need to be in the world.

Please contact Jo 0778 665 1918 to discuss individual requirements.


“Working with Jo through EFT has been a truly transformative experience. From the moment the session begins you can feel her compassion and deep understanding of the technique. I was able to uncover and release deep emotions related to experiences that were veiled from my mind. The work we did together has allowed me to progress on my journey towards self awareness and greater well being.” Carol Monnier

“I tried EFT to deal with limiting self beliefs that had been holding me back in my life and to help increase my self confidence. Jo made me feel totally supported and adopted a very kind and compassionate approach. The shift in mindset via EFT was remarkable. After each session I felt a major shift in mindset and a drastic difference in my self confidence. I came away feeling emotionally lighter and knew that a major emotional shift had been made.I would highly recommend EFT for anyone with emotions they feel they would like to move past. I am so grateful to have met Jo and to have been introduced to EFT. Thank you so much!” Jayne Graham

“I attended for EFT sessions with Jo. I was amazed with how quickly and how precisely we manage to gain results. EFT with two is life changing and can quickly heal and integrate huge blocks from the past and you still carry with you. Well that is my experience and I would highly recommend it.” Sally Harris

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